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Near to the proposed New Airport & NH 45

Grab a bit of heaven immersed in the purity of all nature -DTCP ( 321 (R) / 2018 )approved Plots, very near to the NH 45 and The toll Plaza. It is time to get the city grit out of your hair. Not so far from the streaming city of Chennai, you can have a piece of heaven for the perfect getaway. It is just 89 KM from Chennai City and is the center hub to Chennai, Bangalore, and Pondicherry.



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Features that makes us the best real estate company in Tamil Nadu

Why this could be your best investment ever.

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Here is the number one reason this invest ment could be your best investment. This proposed land is just few kilometers away from the proposed new airport.

Do you realize what an airport near to your property can do to your investments? Your investment will skyrocket every single day. Better late than never this is the right time. We provide DTCP approved plots for the minimum affordable cost to you with all the amenities. And that makes us the best proprty developer in Tamil Nadu and near Chennai.

An airport means a new civilization and community, there will be so many businesses including star hotels coming up. Imagine, Just imagine if you have few plots in the middle of that business community surrounded by a garden and all amenities?

Check this link : https://centreforaviation.com/data/profiles/newairports/new-chennai-sriperumbudur-airport

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Why we have the best plots of land for sale in Tamil Nadu?

We offer you fully approved farmland near to Chennai and the proposed property is very near to the proposed new airport. We believe that this could do wonders for your small investment in real estate. Our plots of land for sale is filled with all amenities. Now it is time to check out our plans.

We have laid out our plans in such a way that you can have monthly earnings from your property as well as using it as a long-term investment plus your private getaway for business or pleasure. The best feature is that we have made this valuable property at an affordable cost to you.

See, We will build modular wooden houses with international standards and all most modern luxuries and maintain it for you, and you can avail monthly earnings from that. The land and the property will be registered in your name or mortgaged in your name.

And let me tell you what is there in the future - You might have heard about the proposed new airport? Well, it is just a few kilometers away from our proposed plots. Just imagine what it is worth shortly. All these and the above features make this the best affordable plot or land for sale, not just near Chennai but in Tamil Nadu.

Around your house the lush fruitfull trees give it a greenhouse effect and so to speak the organic vegetable and fish farm we propose in your property, that means not just a getaway a healthy lifestyle for you and your family. We will even deliver the reaps to your home. Do you get it, there are people to manage your property effectively, and that means you do not have to worry about just anything.

Have a glimpse of what we offer - Car facility is available for site visit.

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DTCP approved plots for sale




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