DTCP Approved dream plots for sale near the proposed new airport and near to NH 45

DTCP approved farmland plots

DTCP Approved dream plots for sale near the proposed new airport and near to NH 45

Do not get so worked upon reading just the title, wait for more. I have news for you. First, let me present you the very facts. When I imagine my audience, I see two categories of people.

1. Pure Investors
2. People are looking for a getaway + a steady second income from their investment as well as future appreciation. It is up to you to fall into any one of the above categories.

Okay, time for the facts.

DTCP Approved Plots

Plots for sale near to the proposed New Airport & NH 45

DTCP ( 321 (R) / 2018 )approved Plots, very near to the NH 45 and The Toll Plaza. It is time to get the city grit out of your hair. Not so far from the streaming city of Chennai, you can have a piece of heaven for the perfect getaway. It is just 89 KM from Chennai City and is the center hub to Chennai, Bangalore, and Pondicherry.

Did you read that? It is very near to the proposed new airport. Now imagine you have a little bit of land near an airport. In just a couple of your years, your investments will skyrocket to a phrase called” priceless”. All the big hotels and other businesses want to be in the proximity of an airport. Imagine the crowd.

We give you a steady income return of Rs 22, 836/- Per month as your return for the next three years and we want to give you another beautiful option. We will build a house made of wood and make it into a resort which is completely under your ownership. When you want to be there alone or with friends it is completely yours. We just lease it from you. That’s two-way income for you.

Your house will have an ethnic look but with all modern amenities including a swimming pool and playroom. Do you know how to play billiards?
Or, you want some peace and quiet? you can unwind with your favorite book while sipping your favorite drink relaxing on the roof facing absolute quietness and nature. Would that be too much to ask from life?

Plots for sale for Business + Pleasure = Tag Properties

No complex paperwork, but transparent and complete.
Why don’t you take a visit, it is very near and we provide transportation?


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